About Radiant Massage Therapy

Manita, Massage Therapist Headshot

Meet Manita

Manita grew up in South Africa, where the palpable pain she witnessed there inspired her to reach out to others to help them heal. She found a passion for massage therapy after working as a goldsmith for six years. She graduated from the Brian Utting school of massage in Seattle in 2006 and studied Trauma Release therapy for two years with The Somatic Experiencing Institute. Manita speaks Italian and Spanish and holds her BA in Sustainable Community and Environmental Planning from the University of Washington. She teaches massage at Cortiva School of Massage and practices massage in Fremont. Manita has been chosen to join the US OPEN Golf championship Wellness Team in June 2015.

Your massage session will support you during times of work stress, new exercise regimes, life changes, pregnancy and aging-related issues. Manita follows the guidance from your body to create a unique session for you using deep tissue massage, somatic experiencing, Reiki and Craniosacral therapy techniques. Experience a relaxing massage that restores healthy movement to your muscles and releases holding patterns in the physical and emotional body. Together we bring you back into balance, to a place where your body’s inner healing capacity can easily generate vitality on an ongoing basis.

Meet Maizey

Maizey Holtrop is 8 lbs, a Gifted listener and Certified Dreamweaver. While sleeping under the table, she diligently clears any blockages on other dimensions!
She’s happy to hold space at home if you’d rather not meet her – just let us know!